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Contact Ms Allie  Ms Allie Teacher
Contact Mrs. Burwick  Mrs. Burwick Title 1
Contact Ms. Edwards  Ms. Edwards Social Studies/Art
Contact Ms Everett  Ms Everett Music/Math Teacher
Contact Mrs Farmer  Mrs Farmer Teacher
Contact Mrs. Hallgren  Mrs. Hallgren Math/PE
Contact Ms. Jensen  Ms. Jensen Teacher
Contact Mrs. Johnson  Mrs. Johnson Teacher
Contact Mrs. Juarez  Mrs. Juarez (406) 825-3113 ex: 252 3rd Grade
Contact Ms. McGill  Ms. McGill Teacher/Dean Of Students
Contact Mrs. Perry  Mrs. Perry Librarian
Contact Mrs. Rammell  Mrs. Rammell Resource Teacher
Contact Mr. Rose  Mr. Rose 4th Grade
Contact Mr. Styles  Mr. Styles Math/Science/LA
Contact Mrs Swanson  Mrs Swanson Resource Teacher
Contact Mrs. Weidenaar  Mrs. Weidenaar Kindergarten
Contact Mrs. Wolny  Mrs. Wolny 2nd Grade