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Ms. Juarez
1/28/19 12:48 PM

Mrs. Juarez

Hello! I am Ms. Juarez and I am the third grade teacher. 
I grew up in Butte, Montana. After graduating from Butte High School in 2009, I attended Montana Tech of the University of Montana in Butte. In 2012, I transferred to the University of Montana. I graduated with my bachelor's in elementary education in December of 2015. Shortly after that, I began working at Clinton School as a Title 1 para-educator. I love Clinton and the tight-knit community and am happy to be returning as a third grade teacher! You may recognize me from the After School Program, where I taught Tech Kids and Origami as well as assisting in Art. 

This year I am proud to be an assistant in both Art ASP and Cooking ASP, I love hanging out with students after school!

I married James Atkins in July of 2015, and kept my maiden name of Juarez (pronounced War-ez). 

I have an adorable mutt named Benson, who I am sure you will get a chance to meet this school year, and a tabby cat named Marceline. We acquired a new boy kitten last year, his name is Bart and he is a black and white tuxedo cat.

This is my second year as a classroom teacher and look forward to getting to know my students and their parents.




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