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Mrs. Mayo's Corner


January-Be the Kid who doesn't give up!

*Goals, perseverance, and grit

   -Perseverance: not giving up when something is hard

*What are your goals?

   -academic, athletic, personal

   -what can you set in place to achieve them?

December-Be the Kid with empathy!



*Empathy: looking through the eyes of another

     -why is this important?

*Empathy can change the world, and it is VITAL to our school

   -how can you contribute?

*Respecting each other and yourself

Videos on Empathy

6-8th grade videos:





4th and 5th grade: "The Present"


December Newsletter

This month we put our focus on empathy, which is putting ourselves in the place of others to understand how they feel or how they see the world. We did a school-wide project called “Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”. Each student at Clinton made their own shoe, and on the shoe they answered the question “What would someone find out about you, if they walked a mile in your shoes?” From kinder to 8th grade, they took their time and made their shoes unique, moving, and personal. Check them out in the hallway outside of the gym!

For K-1, we talked about the word empathy and what it means to us! We read the book The Sandwich Swap, about two friends from different cultures who get into a BIG fight over the “weird” lunches they ate from their cultures. We talked about how empathy could have been used in the story, and how we can use empathy with our friends and the people around us.

For 2-3, we read the book Invisible Fred, about an invisible friend who struggles to feel loved and accepted! The book led to great discussions about how we can be kind and empathetic to everyone-even if they are invisibleJ

4-5 watched a really powerful video called “The Present”. I have put it on my school site if you want to check it out! It is about a young boy who receives the present of a puppy, and things don’t go so well at first. The surprise ending is touching, and truly shows empathy in all it’s forms. Ask your child about the ending.

With 6-8, we talked a lot about things that we struggle with daily at home, with family, friends, social media, etc. We bring those struggles to school with us.  THAT is why empathy is vital; we never know what someone is going through, so we never know how much a kind word, a smile, help, or compassion could mean to someone. We watched two amazing videos; “In Someone Else’s Shoes” and “Under the Surface”. They were powerful and impacting. I have put them on my school site as well and invite you to watch!

NOVEMBER- Be the Kid who is generous!

*Generosity, gratitude, and thankfulness

    -what are they? why are they important?

*How can you show gratitude?



November Newsletter

In K-1, we read the book “Thankful”, which showed all the little things throughout our day that we can be grateful for. We talked about things BIG and small that we appreciate, and then we did a worksheet called “I am grateful…” and I challenged them to think of something they are grateful for! It turned out so cute!

With 2-3 we watched Kid President’s video “25 reasons to be thankful” and read a book called “The Gratitude Tree”, where a tree realizes how his whole world changes when he sees the world with gratitude. They was challenged to come up with 10 things they are grateful for, and then they wrote cards to someone they appreciated.

Grades 3-5 were challenged to complete a Gratitude Scavenger Hunt-find 8 things throughout the day they were thankful for.

A BIG Congrats to our Scavenger Hunt winner, 4th grade Siann Nelson! You rock! Speaking of 4th grade, they read “The Last Stop on Market Street”, about a Street”, about a young boy

who, despite his hardships /challenges, finds joy in the things that make him happy. We talked about how gratitude shows up in different ways, and they wrote letters to someone they appreciate.

5th-8th grade watched a video called “The Science of Happiness”, which looks at the scientific element to what makes someone happy. They found that showing/receiving gratitude is the number one factor! How awesome is that?! Ask your child about the video! We talked about how we go through our days without even realizing how lucky we are; we have food to eat, clean water, safe shelter, clothes on our backs…and we are richer with those things than 75% of the world! Gratitude doesn’t just look at monetary things, but in our everyday lives, big or small. They then took the time to write letters to people they appreciate, and then had their journal time to reflect on the things in their life that they appreciate.


Be the confident kid!

 *You are unique and cherished

     -There is NO ONE like you

*What makes youYOU?

     -What makes you happy?

*What do you love about yourself? 

Self Esteem Resources

October Newsletter

I was so bummed that I wasn’t able to come into Mrs. Weidenaar and Ms. Jensen’s rooms on their  scheduled days.-I had some serious kiddo emergencies. It really bums me out to miss out on classroom lessons, but I have to make our students and their individual needs my priority. I am so lucky to have such supportive teachers and staff that understand that, and are so kind and flexible with my sometimes crazy schedule.

With the first graders in Mrs. Farmer’s room and 3rd grade, we read a book called “Spoon”, and talked about how the spoon felt insecure and compared himself to other utensils., but realizes he is pretty great too! We then made our own Spoons, and decorated them in our own UNIQUE way!

In 2nd grade, we read “A Bad Case of Stripes”, about a girl who is afraid to be herself, and develops a very serious case of stripes. I love this book! It is wonderful for understanding individuality and replacing fear with pride. 2nd graders then did their own self portraits and made their own “stripes”

2nd-4th grade read a book called “The Day You Begin”, which touches my heart. We all are different; we look different, have different families, backgrounds, religions, etc. However, the day you begin to see those as strength, and as the foundation of who you are, is the day your whole world will change! We then took our picture and made a worksheet describing the best part of ourselves. Look for them in the main hallway!

5th grade had two awesome lessons; the first we watched a video about adults vs. kids being asked what they would change about themselves-it was SO interesting and led to a great discussion. Then they did a mirror worksheet where they wrote their best qualities and did a self-portrait. 5th also watched a video called “I am Me” and then made their own “fingerprint”…they turned out amazing! Look for them to come home!

6-8 watched a Dove video about “sketches”. It was a powerful depiction of how the world sees us vs. how we see ourselves. We are our worst critic. It led to a great discussion and journal. For our next lesson, we watched a video called “Identity-masks”. This video was AMAZING in portraying what “masks” we wear and why. It was a powerful discussion about insecurities and led to a great journal time.


Be the Kid who welcomes others!!

* We are happy you are here!

        -How can you welcome people back to Clinton?

* Zones of Regulation

        -what zone are you in?

        -what tools do you have to get to change zones?

*Kelso’s Choices

        -Big vs. Small problem

        - Choices to solve a small problem on your own!


September Newsletter

We had an awesome start to the year! I was so excited to see all your kiddos-old and newJ

September’s theme was “Be the kid who welcomes others!”. We wanted to celebrate friendship, kindness, and welcoming each other to a new year.

I have been in all grades for guidance lessons. For K-2 we focused a lot on “What does Mrs. Mayo do?!” We went through all elements of my job and how I can help them every day. We also started diving into Kelso’s Choices. We discussed the difference between a BIG and small problem, and how they can solve small problems on their own. We went through each of Kelso’s 9 Choices in depth; what do they look like, feel like, sounds like, etc. Ask your child about Kelso and Lily!

For 3-4 we did some fun introductory activities. We went over my job and how I can help them, played a game where they had to guess what every day objects have to do with my job, and then went outside for an awesome team building activity. They had to rely on each other, work together, and support one another to achieve a goal; get the hula hoop around the human circle in a certain amount of time without breaking(letting go of hands). We did this to remind each other that we are a team, a family, and each one of us plays an important role. Each one is invaluable. Ask your child if they earned a prize!

For 6-8, we (once again!) reviewed my job-what do I do and how can I help them? Then we played a fun game called “50 questions”; each child got a question they had to answer for the class then I would give a response as well. It was funny and entertaining! To end our time, we did our first journal of the year “A letter to Myself”, where they take time to give an honest reflection of what life looks like, feels like, the struggles and the triumphs, and ups and downs in all areas of their life. They will have journal time at the end of every lesson we do together.


2018-2019 School Counseling Program

I did something new this year...

I saw this quote and it struck me-it is EXACTLY what I want my Clinton kiddos to know and take away from our time together. So, I got creative and decided to use this amazing quote as the basis of my 2018-2019 program, "Be THAT kid"

I love this program, and hope you do too:)

The monthly themes are displayed below. Each month, the monthly theme is distributed throughout the school, used with the classroom teachers in their classrooms, and is the theme for my classroom guidance lessons.

September: Be the kid who welcomes others!

             * We are happy you are here!

                   * Zones of Regulation

                   * Kelso’s Choices

October: Be the confident kid!

            * You are unique and cherished

                             -There is NO ONE like you

                   * What makes you, YOU?

                             -What makes you happy?

-What do you love about yourself?

November: Be the kid who is generous!

            * Generosity, gratitude, and thankfulness

                             -what are they? Why are they important?

                   * How can you show gratitude?

December: Be the kid with empathy!

            * Empathy: looking through the eyes of another

                             -Why is this important?

* Empathy can change the world!

          -how can you contribute?

                   * Respecting each other and yourself

January: Be the kid who doesn’t give up!

             * Goals and Perseverance

                             -Perseverance: not giving up when something is hard

                   * What are your goals?

                             -Academic, athletic, personal

                             -What can you set in place to achieve them?

February: Be the KIND kid!

            * Kindness and compassion are VITAL to our school

                             -What does that mean?

                   * What does compassion LOOK like, FEEL like, and SOUND like?

                             -How can you show kindness to yourself and others?

                   * The Kindness Project 2019

march: Be the kid who is honest!

            * Honesty and trust

                             -what are they? Why are they important?

                             -what does honesty look like to you?

                   * What is YOUR character?

                   * Trust-what happens if it is broken?

April: Be the kid who cares!

            * Friendship and Relationships in your life

                             -What qualities are important to you?

* Relationship makers vs. Relationship breakers

*How can you show that you care?

may: Finish your story, kid!

* What does your future look like?

                   * Education, College, potential jobs, potential career

-start looking at your future path!

                   * Your story can be WHATEVER you want it to be!

what i can control.jpg

Lil' bit of Mayo...

My name is Kailey Mayo and this is my 7th year as the K-8 School Counselor at Clinton. I adore our Clinton kiddos, families, and staff. What a wonderful place to work! 

I am born and raised in beautiful Missoula, MT. I attended Carroll College, and finished out my bachelors degree in Psychology from MSU-Billings. After, I received my Masters in Education-K-8 School Counseling from MSU-Billings. After 6 years in Billings, my husband and I moved back to my hometown, where I became a Clinton Cougar! I have three amazing babies; Hadley is 7 and in 2nd grade, Averie is 5, and Will is almost 2 years old. They keep me on my toes and make me smile every day. I am so lucky to be their mom:)






Growing up is a challenge for all students. My role at the school is to help your child develop skills and strategies to be successful in a variety of situations. Counseling is offered throughout the school year to help students work through normal developmental issues and enhance skills that are important in all areas of life. I focus on helping students feel good about themselves, develop positive relationships, learn problem solving techniques and decision making skills, and communicating in a positive and productive way.

Each month, we will be focusing on an Essential Monthly Concept. These concepts will be the outline for guidance lessons and classroom discussions. I always invite discussion at home about what these concepts are each month, what your child has learned about them, and what the concepts mean to them individually. 


I believe in the power of communication. You, as parents, are able to see issues and problems that others may not be aware of. I welcome the opportunity to talk to you about any challenges or difficulties your child may be having, as well as your personal concerns.  If your child has had a hard weekend, call me. If there are family issues, call me. If everything is going great, call me! Open lines of communication are vital! 

Feel free to call or email anytime. I work out at Clinton School EVERY DAY this year, and my office hours are 8:00 am-4:00 pm. I check my email daily, and that is the best way to reach me.

I look forward to working with you and your childJ

be kind quote.jpg
The Buddy Bench!
Our K-2 Classes decorated The Buddy Bench last year during
kindness pic.jpg
Kelso's Choice Wheel
Kelso's Choice Wheel

Kelso's Choices

We are proud to continue to use “Kelso’s Choice”, a Conflict Management Skills Program, geared towards students in Kindergarten through 4th grade at Clinton.


This conflict-management curriculum is based on the premise that every child is capable of becoming a peacemaker. Designed around Kelso the Frog, students are first taught to discriminate between “big” problems that must be shared with an adult, and “small” problems that they can resolve. After mastering this distinction this program offers nine options students can choose from to resolve minor conflicts on their own.

The program encourages students to try two choices from “Kelso’s Wheel.”


Each choice in itself helps to teach a life skill to the child. For example, if a child chooses to “Apologize”, we go over what apologizing looks like, sounds like, feels like, etc. If a child chooses to “Make a Deal”, we practice how to compromise and make a trade off in a positive way. Each choice is broken down so that children understand the meaning and function of the behavior they choose. Children are given a choice, so that they can make the best decision that fits them best. For example, some students may use a more assertive approach (“telling them to stop”), while others may select a less assertive choice (“ignore” or “walk away”).


The program is a powerful and timely tool to build vital life skills for the young people in today’s world. The program philosophy is simple: each child is smart enough and strong enough to resolve conflict.


 By using this program, we believe that our students will develop effective problem solving skills, and will help them to deal with conflict in a positive manner and make appropriate decisions. We encourage you to become familiar with the program and talk to your child about what they have learned. By working together, we can develop healthy life skills for our children to use at home and at school.

Girls Day Out!
Girls Day Out!

A little bit of Mayo...

My name is Kailey Mayo and this is my 4th year as the School Counselor at Clinton. I was born and raised in Missoula. I went to Carroll College for my BA in Psychology, and finished my senior year at MSU-B in Billings. I also received my Masters in Education-School Counseling from MSU-B. My husband and I lived in Billings for 8 years, before finally planting our roots back in Missoula. We have two beautiful daughters, and my days are spent running after them, cheering on the Griz, playing basketball, and getting outside as often as we can:) I am so very lucky.

Growing up is a challenge for all students. My role at the school is to help your child develop skills and strategies to be successful in a variety of situations. Counseling is offered throughout the school year to help students work through normal developmental issues and enhance skills that are important in all areas of life. I focus on helping students feel good about themselves, developing positive relationships, learning problem solving techniques and decision making skills, and communicating in a positive and productive way with others.

I visit the classrooms every week for Guidance, am a regular on the playground for recess, and frequently pop into classrooms to observe and engage with students.


I will be updating this page frequently with classroom lessons, testing information, and monthly concepts! I will be at Clinton School on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays this year. My office hours are 8:00 am-4:00pm. I check my email everyday. I encourage communication with parents, and love to hear from you about any concerns, problems, or even if things are going great! Feel free to contact me at any time:)