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Clinton PTSA

Monthly Meeting!


Join us for our month meetings the 2nd Tuesday
at 6:00 p.m. in the school library!

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HECK YEAH! I want to join!

What an exciting year it has been! In May, 2017 we elected new board members to lead the PTSA for the next two years.  Our President, Robin Edwards; Vice President, Kayla Coach; Treasurer, Donna Fellows and Secretary, Season Hollaway are halfway through their two year terms - where does the time go?!  These four, along with several other volunteers, have worked so hard this year to make our events special and fun!  Our Halloween Carnival in October rocked!  We had some great feedback from families that they loved the haunted hallway and the cake walk (hosted by Clinton Close-Up).  Santa was a big hit, as always, arriving on a firetruck and sharing his lap with our littles!  Valentine's lunch was also a big hit, we had a great turnout with lots of flowers and handmade cards shared with students and staff!  The annual Easter egg hunt went off without a hitch and brought many community members out in the cold to hunt for eggs and share in Easter cheer!  We brought back Cougar Chase this year!  We had about 50 runners combined in the two races.  We learned so much and hope to make the event even bigger in 2019!  This year, the board also introduced some newer, low-key events - Doughnuts with Dad in April and Muffins with Mom in May.  We had 30 father figures join their kiddos for doughnuts and some quality time!  We also used this event as an opportunity to introduce Cougar Watch, a volunteer opportunity for father figures, that PTSA plans to implement in the 2018-19 school year.  Muffins with Mom served almost 70 moms, Grandma's and Aunties!  It was a wonderful way to say "Thank You" to all the amazing mama figures involved with the school.
So if you've read this far, you're definitely considering how cool it would be to participate in all of this fun, right?!  You know you want to join Clinton PTSA!  What exactly happens when you become a PTSA member?  Well, you are asked to pay a nominal membership fee of $15, $6 of which goes toward keeping the Clinton PTSA a state and nationally registered PTA.  $9 of this membership fee goes toward funding events throughout the year, such as those discussed above!  We ask our members to volunteer for at least one event in the Fall and one event in the Spring (that's ONLY TWO events all year!).  This can be as simple as arranging delivery of seeds for our Earth Day recognition or decorating a door for Teacher Appreciation week.  Volunteering could also be as dedicated as playing a mummy in the haunted house or selling flowers for Valentine's day.  You could also decide to chair one event and that's your "thing" for the year (i.e. Easter Egg hunt, Halloween Carnival or something NEW!).  No matter if volunteers work several events or just one, we do ask our members to come to monthly meetings to share ideas for new events, improvements or community events.  Our meetings are also an opportunity to share your concerns and suggestions for improvements!
PTSA is an excellent way to meet and socialize with other Clinton School parents (new adult friends!), become involved in student experiences, provide outreach to our community as well as work with teachers, staff and the school board.  It is also a venue to help influence and advocate for the learning experience at our school and share your voice!
We would love to have YOU on the PTSA!  Please contact Kayla if you have any interest or questions about becoming a member -

HECK YEAH! I want to join!
I'll think about it being an active member, but I'd like to donate toward events


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5/10 - Moms & Muffins
PTSA meets the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. in the school library.
Please join us!


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